August 31st 2021

Today I realised I have 24 holiday days to use by the end of the year.

So, on that note…

Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Lol get it?


Seriously I have 24 days to use. Are there even 24 days left in this year? It’s been a long one so it’s hard to know.

I’m going to Latvia at the end of September and instead of just taking the 2 days I’ve booked decided to take the whole week. So that’ll be 5 days used. Meaning I still have 19 left. What else can I do with 19 days?

I can only carry 7 over so I have to use at least 12 more. I guess just take a load of time off over Christmas? Maybe try and sneak in a week away on a golf holiday?

24 days. My entire yearly allowance is only 25 days , but I carried some over. I think that means that I’ve taken like 2 days off since April, which is potentially unhealthy.

Considering I’m having anxiety dreams about going back to work, I think I could probably do with some time off.

Until tomorrow, I just don’t know what I’ll do with it.


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