September 30th 2021 Today I (just about) arrived in Riga. Latvian border control was rough. I showed her my passport and she confiscated it. She called her mate and she took my passport into a room for a little bit. That was reasonably worrisome. I got in though. And Latvia is nice. Very nice actually. It’s more western than I imagined. More Scandinavian too. I guess it’s only the Baltic Sea away from Scandinavia. But yeah. Lovely place. Lovely people. I mean, none of the lovely people we met have actually been Latvian, they’ve all been Russian or Dutch or … Continue reading Riga


September 29th 2021 Today, firstly, ❤️. Secondly, I’ve travelled to london, and then on to luton, to travel on to Latvia tomorrow morning. Aaron thought he’d booked us in to the premier inn but he hadn’t. We’re At the Ibis. That is far away from the premier inn. We went to a street food/brewdog market in Victoria which is like the definition of my thing. And then we had a relatively early night because our train is at 8am. No. Wait. Our plane. Our plane is at 8am. That’s the fella. Until tomorrow, we’re at the Ibis. Jacn Continue reading Luton


September 28th 2021 Today I am raging at the inner voice within my head which has been singing Bo Burnham songs on repeat since midnight last night. I listened to a Bo Burnham playlist on the drive down to Somerset yesterday, and then I woke up in the middle of the night singing a medley of them in my head. And I can’t stop. The only way I can stop is to listen to other songs by other artists really loudly. But then when I stop that, it just comes back. Repeat stuff, repeat stuff, repeat stuff. Welcome to the … Continue reading Medley


September 27th 2021 Today I discovered the joys of room service. It’s like going out for dinner except you can do it in your pyjamas. It’s marvellous. You get to go to a place and experience it’s food, but you get to do it from bed. Like, yes, I want some truffle fries, but I also wanna nap, and room service lets you do both. What a brilliant invention. Until tomorrow, whose idea was that? Jacn Continue reading Room


September 25th 2021 Today I’m in Leicester. I’ve met up with my least organised group of friends. In this particular circle we lack the one person each friend group requires: the organiser. The three of us who somehow made it to Leicester today could not organise a piss up in a brewery. As it turns out we can also barely organise a piss up in Leicester. Until tomorrow, but we made it. Jacn Continue reading Organiser


September 22nd 2021 Today was my twenty-eighth birthday. It wasn’t my best birthday, I won’t lie. I spent the whole day sat in my spare room on a training course. Then I spent the whole evening feeling desperately alone. I walked back from the shop, at one point, holding a four pack of IPA and a fillet steak, questioning the life choices I had made that had got me to that point. Six hours later, I just woke up drenched in that same IPA having fallen asleep on the sofa with a can in my hand. I wiped some stuff … Continue reading Twentyeight


September 21st 2021 Today I kinda went into fuck it mode at work. I didn’t want to be there today. I didn’t want to pretend that any of it matters. I didn’t want it. It is completely unlike me to feel so detached from work, but in the grand scheme of things that are happening right now, it’s not important. It’s a place to be. A place that pays. And I have to keep showing up other day otherwise it will not pay. But today I didn’t want to be there. And if I had to be there, I couldn’t … Continue reading Unlike