September 3rd 2021

Today I did my best not to get super drunk before running up the Brecon Beacons tomorrow. I mean, I only had 3. And that is a success.

My friend Spence wanted to go for dinner at Wagas, and that’s hard to turn down because they have both gyoza and Asahi. Then we went to a garden bar conservatory type thing and they had a nice American pale ale.

So I am not completely sober, but I also am not as drunk as I perhaps would have been if spence didn’t have to drive tonight because all of the electric scooters near him were occupied.

I have to be up in 7 hours, I have to be up a mountain in 9. I have bought some snacks to prepare. I was told to bring snacks and I have bourbons and Haribo, which both seemed simultaneously appropriate and inappropriate.

The good news is that I’m tired, but potentially (definitely) not as tired as I’m going to be in 12 hours time.

Until tomorrow, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.


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