September 9th 2021

Today I had the results back from a personality-type questionnaire I did as part of a leadership training course I’m doing.

There were like 45 questions and I had to rate myself out of 5 for various situational-based reactions. Then the results are analysed and I’m sent a big old document telling me in what ways I’m a failure of a human.

The results are fascinating, but in a very horoscope-like way.

Like, the answers are vague enough that you can conceivably go “omg that’s so me!” and the questions were specific enough that one of the answers would obviously point you towards a certain personality type.

For example: “Before deciding on something do you prefer to research all the facts, or go on instinct?”

It will be a shock to no one who knows me that I prefer data and analytics and numbers and reports to back up what I believe to be the truth. And I know that about myself. So there were certain parts of my personality profile that were not shocking to me.

For example:

That last paragraph is particularly pertinent.

Those are the positive aspects of my work-self that I am pretty aware of. But there are also some negative aspects that I am pretty aware of too, and those came out in my profile:

I know that I am not a good teacher. Not yet. If I know how to do something, I just expect that other people will understand it in the same way that I do. And I do not have a great amount of patience for explaining this, which leads to me often just taking over and doing things myself.

I know that’s something that I have to work on, which I will do so.

I think I’m also pretty adaptable, and I can listen to my flaws and work on them. It said that in my profile too.

Until tomorrow, Controller-Inspector, is it?


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