September 12th 2021

Today it turns out that I may actually prefer playing shitty golf courses to nice ones.

This afternoon I played the same 9 hole course that I played twice yesterday, and on all 3 occasions I shot exactly 39. Which is 8 over. Which is pretty good for nine holes.

Now, sure, it’s not a difficult course, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. Some of the holes are 80 yards and I could probably throw the ball onto the green, but it being easy made it simple to play well. And golf is more fun when you’re playing well.

I’ve played a lot of nice, hard, expensive courses in my time, and a course is never nice when you’re playing badly.

So, even though the course I played today is crap, the fact that I played well makes it good.

Plus it helps that you could conceivably play it twice and only spend £12.

I’m going to this course because it’s a good beginners course, and I have a friend who is just getting into golf for whom it is appropriate. When he gets a bit better we may start getting to nicer courses, but for now I’m enjoying getting at least one birdie every time I play a round.

Until tomorrow, same again tomorrow?


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