September 14th 2021

Today I had a coaching session with a trainer as part of the management training course I’m doing.

Together we went over the results of the personality profile/questionnaire I’d completed which I got my results for last week. I wrote a blog about that too. I can’t be bothered to link to it so if you’re interested, go find it. I think it was called ‘profile’ but I could be wrong.

At one point in the session she asked me to stop focusing on the weaknesses identified from the profile, and asked me what I thought about the strengths it had listed.

I think it’s fair to say that I was mostly reading it for things that I could improve on, because that’s things I can change to do better. I guess I don’t really consider my strengths as much as my weaknesses — in that context at least.

She said that by the end of the session I had to say three positive things about myself. It was harder than you’d think. Or maybe you can see why it would be hard for me to think of anything positive to say about myself. Maybe you hate me. I don’t know who you are, really. It would be kind of weird if you’re reading this and you do hate me though.


It is hard for me to talk positively about myself, and it’s probably going to sound cringe, but she encouraged me to do so and said it would improve me. So here goes.

I said that I was good with recalling numbers and information when called upon. The recollection of data, stats, figures, dates, quotes and wifi passwords, all come natural to me. That’s often helpful. I think that’s a good thing about me.

It’s weird. I don’t really see that as a strength though. It’s just a part of me. She said it counted though so idk.

Next, I said that the first strength listed in the profile that I agreed with is that I “lead from the front in a quiet but forceful way to get things done”.

I don’t think that people who work with me would describe me as quiet, but I guess I’d like to think that I’m somewhat of an example to the colleague who I line manage. And I am forceful. And I do get things done. And I think that the fact that I give a shit rubs off on people. So I agree with that positive thing about me, even if it wasn’t one of my own.

The final thing I said, which came right at the end of the coaching session after being given over an hour to think about it, was that I think I’m quite reliable, and by that I mean that a lot of people in the team can rely on me. I’d hope that people who I work with know that if they have a problem that they can’t solve, they can come to me for help.

I love solving problems. It’s the whole reason I did a maths degree. (That aspect of my personality was evident in the rest of my profile)

I think my skills and knowledge is good enough that people come to me for things. And I guess that’s a good thing.

Okay. That’s your three. Am I done now? I fill gross.

Until tomorrow, I need a shower.


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