September 17th 2021

Today was Michelle and Tim’s wedding.

Em and I were in charge at the house. And the garden. Really, Em was in charge. I was just there for emotional support. At one point I put some ice into a bucket. That was probably helpful.

The entire day was completely beautiful. I could’ve cried at Tim’s vows. I could’ve cried during Meg’s poem. I could’ve cried when I was made to stand up to read a haiku. I could’ve cried when the pagoda fell down right before the bridge and groom were supposed to be inside.

The way they looked at each other when stood at the front the ‘aisle’ was just an absolute fairytale.

Also, somehow someone put me in charge of parking. Terrible idea. Idk. Just park there. Or there. Sure there’s fine.

Eventually, we went to the Old Lodge on Minchinhampton common, and I had some catching up to do. I hadnt drank at all at the wedding ceremony, so I had some making up to do at the reception.

I think I got those words the right way round.

Look how beautiful:

Until tomorrow, did you see??


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