September 20th 2021

Today I did what I said I was going to do last night and took the day off work. My weekend had been so good that I just wanted another day where I didn’t have to think about work.

My friend Jim read my blog last night and this morning suggested we meet in Cirencester for lunch. I’m really glad he text, because otherwise I probably would have ended up going into work after all through lack of anything better to do.

Everyone needs a Jim in their lives. Mine just happens to be called Jim.

So we met for lunch at a place called Pretty & Pip:

And we went for a walk around Cirencester park:

And I didn’t take a photo of it but we went for a beer too.

I just needed to prolong my weekend. I didn’t want to work. I kinda don’t want to work tomorrow either. It’s really unlike me to dread going back to it. Usually the weekend has bored me enough to want to go back to work just for something to do, but not this weekend.

Plus, I feel all productive and shit. I bought an iron this morning. I went to the Range. I hoovered my flat. I put on a load of washing. I even remembered to take the washing out of the machine! I was flying.

Until tomorrow, the weekend has to end at some point.


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