September 22nd 2021 Today was my twenty-eighth birthday. It wasn’t my best birthday, I won’t lie. I spent the whole day sat in my spare room on a training course. Then I spent the whole evening feeling desperately alone. I walked back from the shop, at one point, holding a four pack of IPA and a fillet steak, questioning the life choices I had made that had got me to that point. Six hours later, I just woke up drenched in that same IPA having fallen asleep on the sofa with a can in my hand. I wiped some stuff … Continue reading Twentyeight


September 21st 2021 Today I kinda went into fuck it mode at work. I didn’t want to be there today. I didn’t want to pretend that any of it matters. I didn’t want it. It is completely unlike me to feel so detached from work, but in the grand scheme of things that are happening right now, it’s not important. It’s a place to be. A place that pays. And I have to keep showing up other day otherwise it will not pay. But today I didn’t want to be there. And if I had to be there, I couldn’t … Continue reading Unlike