September 28th 2021

Today I am raging at the inner voice within my head which has been singing Bo Burnham songs on repeat since midnight last night. I listened to a Bo Burnham playlist on the drive down to Somerset yesterday, and then I woke up in the middle of the night singing a medley of them in my head. And I can’t stop. The only way I can stop is to listen to other songs by other artists really loudly. But then when I stop that, it just comes back.

Repeat stuff, repeat stuff, repeat stuff.

Welcome to the internet, come and look around.

Art is deaaaad, art is deaaddd.

Are you happy?

People think I’m funny, how do I get those people’s money?

Sexting. It isn’t sex it’s the next best thing.

So repeat stuff, repeat stuff, repeat stuff.

I cannnnnttt stop. (We’re back to me now). I’m going to have to try and get an early night and hope that I wake up with a quiet head in the morning. The problem is that as soon as I lay my head down and close my eyes I’m going to start singing again.

Until tomorrow, damn you, Bo, and your hypocritically catchy choruses.


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