September 30th 2021

Today I (just about) arrived in Riga. Latvian border control was rough. I showed her my passport and she confiscated it. She called her mate and she took my passport into a room for a little bit. That was reasonably worrisome.

I got in though.

And Latvia is nice. Very nice actually. It’s more western than I imagined. More Scandinavian too. I guess it’s only the Baltic Sea away from Scandinavia.

But yeah. Lovely place. Lovely people. I mean, none of the lovely people we met have actually been Latvian, they’ve all been Russian or Dutch or Irish. The only Latvian we met was the woman who tried not to let me into the country.

Also apparently there’s this QR code that we don’t possess, which would help us get in to more bars. I’ve had about four QR codes sorted for this trip and apparently none of them are appropriate.

Until tomorrow, Riga is nice tho.


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