October 31st 2021 Today I came down with and recovered from some kind of weird sickness bug within the same 12 hour period. I woke up with an aching, cramping pain in my stomach and a feeling like I was about to come on my period, which would have been a surprising turn of events as a 28 year old male. And then I vomited a bit. For about four hours I couldn’t stand up or sit down or lay still or eat or drink or do anything. I wasn’t in a good way. I’m on antibiotics at the moment, … Continue reading Cramping


October 30th 2021 Today I got some solid life advice from a precious old man. I was on a date with my girlfriend in our favourite restaurant (The Tavern), and at the table next to us were three pensioners. We got up to leave at about the same time as they did, and the oldest guy stopped and looked at me. He held out his hand for me to shake, which I did, looked me in the eye, nodded to my girlfriend and said: “Never stop chatting her up.” He continued: “A year ago today my wife died — that’s … Continue reading Chatting


October 29th 2021 Today I was out with Harry. For the 20% of you who know who Harry is, you know what that means. But for the rest, it means I’m fucking hammered. That dude can drink. And this dude can not. I’m actually weirdly pleased that Digby had to leave early, because it gave me an excuse to do so too. Else in 6 hours time this blog would have been much less coherent. Until tomorrow, I did not spell coherent right the first, second or third time. Jacn Continue reading Coherent


October 28th 2021 Today was a bad day. Not for any bad reasons, but just one of those days where you just don’t feel okay mentally, physically, emotionally, ecclesiastically. Or so on. It’s probably the dark mornings, and early nights. That’s going to get worse on Sunday when the clocks go back. It also could be the overwhelming sense of dread I feel about work at the moment. Until tomorrow, either way, it’s cloudy. Jacn Continue reading Cloudy


October 27th 2021 Today I started learning Python. Python is a programming language that I’ve been thinking about learning for a while, for no particular reason other than for something to do. There are some ways that it can help me at work, mostly with data analysis and automation of tasks, but really it just kinda interests me. I don’t feel like I’ve really learnt anything in a while. I’m pretty happy with the point I’m at in my career, but I’m also super insecure, unsure, and kinda lost by it. Also I was pretty bored this evening so it … Continue reading Python


October 26th 2021 Today I had the next round of the personal development training course my work have sent me on. From it, I need to take away three things: 80% is okay Listen to the gambler Specialise and focus Various modules and exercises that we’ve done have highlighted those areas, and those quotes, as either things I’ve learnt or things someone has said, have stuck with me. I’m not sure how I get there. I’m not sure if it’s a good plan or a bad plan. But I definitely need to change something, and those seem like the best … Continue reading Development


October 25th 2021 Today we had a night in with Sirloin Steak and Parmesan & Truffle fries and I successfully avoided drinking any wine. There was also a token salad, put there mostly to make the plate not look too brown. Similarly, there was a token salad on the starter of ‘nibbles’: I cooked the steak very well. Or should I say, I cooked the steak very rare, but I did a good job of doing so. Cutting into a steak when the crust is nicely seared is like Schrodinger’s meat. The inside is simultaneously both inedible underdone and perfectly … Continue reading Sirloin


October 24th 2021 Today I met Freddie. Freddie is my sister’s new puppy. He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and look at his little face: We discussed how people speak to puppies like they speak to babies, in mum-speak, in questions, and, in my case, in unintelligible noises. For me it was just a lot of “gahhhhlookadaliddleboy” and “yyyyyyeeeeek”. I did not English so good. But look at his little face!!! Steven would tell you that he’s named after Freddie Mercury, but I prefer to think that they named him after Freddie Ljungberg. He’s even got the makings of a … Continue reading Freddie


October 23rd 2021 Today I went to the cinema to watch James Bond with my Dad. I think the last time I went to the cinema was also to watch James Bond with my Dad. That must have been a while ago. The only time I ever go is when there’s something my dad wants to watch. No Time To Die was a perfect end to the Daniel Craig era. It was really good. It had all the heart, sincerity and backstory of the previous Craig films, while also returning to more traditional Bond-isms. It was also really, really brave. … Continue reading Bond


October 22nd 2021 Today I’ve had a Bleachers song in my head all day, so I’m just going to write the lyrics to it as my blog for the evening. Don’t expect me to type them out, though. I’m going to copy any paste this. —- Out of my head I’m beggin’ for skin to skinYou don’t say much ’cause you’ve been cheated before meI know you think I think I’m better than I amBut I’m not tryna wake up in some promise land I just want a secret lifeWhere you and I can get bored out of our mindsI … Continue reading Bleachers