October 1st 2021

Today in Latvia we had periods of highs and lows.

Breakfast was poor.

The Riga motormuseum was pretty average, though I was fond of paying £3 for a steak at the canteen.

Then I had a really good nap.

Then we had a great time on the electric scooters, scoot scooting about the place. Unfortunately we were primarily headed towards our mandatory covid test. That was a low.

But 4 hours later receiving the results back as negative was a high. We will officially be allowed to board the plane home on Sunday.

Then we had a lot of cocktails.

The view from the Skyline Bar at the top of the Raddison was both a literal and a figurative high:

The poke bowl and cocktails were also very good. None of these photos are going to load on my shitty hotel wifi, so if you’re reading this before there are photos, and you are that interested, come back in like 6 hours.

Then we went to our favourite Riga bar – Billy Jack’s – for live music, and watched various different couples dance dance dance. (Video to follow when internet problems ease)

Then we travelled to the other side of the city to go to this club we’d heard of, but fucking brexit wouldn’t let us in. We don’t have the EU Covid pass because we’re not EU citizens any more because of fucking brexit, and so we weren’t allowed in.

Instead, went to to the club next door, which was a very hard-house/techno club, which completely didn’t jel with the vibe of the evening we’d been planning. So that was a low.

Looking back on this summary, we’ve done a lot today, and there’s a lot I didn’t include. But it was still a good day, despite the not good parts of it.

Until tomorrow, same again tomorrow?


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