October 3rd 2021 Today was the exact kinda crappy “travel home from holiday” day that you’d expect. I left Latvia at 10am UK time and didn’t get back to my house until 10 hours later. I got a taxi to the airport. I got a flight to luton. Walked to the train station. A train to St Pancras. The tube to Paddington. A train to swindon. A train to Cheltenham. And an electric scooter home. Then, when I got home I found that I’d got a speeding ticket from when I drove to Bath last Monday. So that was a … Continue reading Crappy


October 2nd 2021 Today our last day in Riga was cultural and then not so cultural. It was cultural insofar as Donde Esta la Bibliotheka. It was not so cultural insofar as wherever the fuck we ended up tonight. Here was the bibliotēka. And here was Aaron with a column. And I don’t even know if these photos are uploading but here’s another one. On my WordPress thing they look really small. I don’t know if that’s new. I lied to you last night when I said I was going to add the photos from yesterday in up to six … Continue reading Bibliotheka