October 4th 2021

Today I’d like to thank the person who reacted to the accidental worldwide shutdown of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp by opening up this blog and reading the last 106 entries consecutively, in one sitting. Your commitment is appreciated, if not slightly questionable.

Like, iMessage was still up, so you could have just text me, if you were that interested? Unless you either A) don’t know me, or B) are one of the two people whose phone numbers I have blocked. If so, like, hi?

But if not, like, Twitter was still up too. You could have got your VOXI-fix (endless scrolling) from the blue-bird one instead.

Or, I dunno, read a book or something. Play Solitaire? Light a bunch of candles, put them in a questionable shape on the floor and sit in the middle of them humming a satanic ritual? That’s what I did. The book thing, I mean.

Also, why specifically 106? What were you looking for that you did not find in 106 posts? Or what did you find? Or what was it about that 106th post which caused you to be like “fuck this dude I’m not reading any more?”

But really, for what it’s worth, if you’re reading this and you know me, you know that this entire post has been for the sake of #content and really you can do you, boo.

Until tomorrow, it was probably some kind of bot wasn’t it?


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