October 8th 2021

Today the most exciting thing that happened to me is that I switched to black sesame seeds. They are like regular sesame seeds, except they are black. I guess probably they’re technically toasted, or something, and maybe they have a different flavour, but I don’t put sesame seeds on my food for flavour, I do it because it looks cool.

And, let me tell you, black sesame seeds look even cooler.

Look at that contrast!

I mean, if you can get over the fact that it kinda looks like there’s ants on your food. Damn I wish I hadn’t typed that. I wish I hadn’t thought that. Delete delete. Ah fuck deleting it isn’t going to change the fact that I thought it, so I may as well let it stay.

But yeah. Black sesame seeds.

Until tomorrow, who even knew those were a thing?


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