October 10th 2021 Today I am perplexed by something. It’s quite a simple something. It’s not some convoluted equation, or a complicated problem. It’s more of just a musing, really. My musing is this: How does there exist people on this planet who prefer to eat a Sunday Roast at lunchtime? I ask, as I ate a Sunday Roast at 1pm today and I am very confused as to whether I am now supposed to cook myself dinner or not. Like, I already had dinner. It was just at lunchtime. And don’t you come at me with the “But it’s … Continue reading Lunchtime


October 9th 2021 Today I discovered that 9pm is a terrible time to have coffee. Who’da thunk it? My issue was with routine. See, by the time I’d got back from golf it was like 4pm, which meant I had lunch like 4 hours later than I normally would. And usually 2 hours after I have lunch I’ll have a coffee. I am pretty consistent with this. I have a black coffee at 9am and a Flat White at 2pm. I’ve been consistent with this basically every work day for as long as I can remember. Routine keeps my day … Continue reading Thunk