October 9th 2021

Today I discovered that 9pm is a terrible time to have coffee. Who’da thunk it?

My issue was with routine.

See, by the time I’d got back from golf it was like 4pm, which meant I had lunch like 4 hours later than I normally would. And usually 2 hours after I have lunch I’ll have a coffee. I am pretty consistent with this. I have a black coffee at 9am and a Flat White at 2pm. I’ve been consistent with this basically every work day for as long as I can remember.

Routine keeps my day in check. But see, 2 hours after lunch was today 6pm. And that’s only an hour before I’d usually have dinner. So then I had dinner at 7, and come 9pm I hadn’t had my second coffee of the day yet and I was kinda craving it.

So I had one.

And now it’s 3am and I am not at all tired. oh wait hang about. Writing that line somehow summoned a yawn out of me. And again. It’s like just typing the words ‘tired’ and ‘yawn’ are causing my body to involuntarily yawn as it fights against the caffeine, still inexplicably in my system at gone midnight.

Until tomorrow, yawn tired tired yawn sleep night.


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