October 15th 2021

Today I drove (slash was driven) all the way to Newcastle and went to one of the weirdest clubs I’ve ever been to. The music was Spanish Techno. I think it’s technically called Makina. I don’t know what makes it Spanish, but it definitely wasn’t the language.

It was basically trancey electronic music as a backing track, with an MC singing/rapping/shouting along to the song at 180 beats per minute. It was intense. The beat was so fast. I couldn’t keep up. Every thirty minutes or so you had to take a sit down in the smoking area, in which you’d immediately be asked if you had a lighter, and then, when you say “no sorry I don’t smoke” be questioned as to why you’re sat in the smoking area if you don’t smoke.

“Because I can’t hear the Makina from here,” I didn’t say.

In the weirdest way, it was quite fun. You kinda just have to go with it. Everyone in the club was fucked up. Most blokes were topless. It was a strange rave.

Until tomorrow, it was at Digital, if that means anything to anyone.


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