October 17th 2021

Today I know I promised you a comprehensive review of my weekend in Newcastle, but I think it’s just going to be a hensive one.

Yes I know that isn’t how that word works.

Newcastle is far. We left at 10am and I got back to my flat at 16:30. It is a lot of miles. Many many miles.

And, well…

Newcastle the city is not worth the trip.

There is nothing special about Newcastle. It’s not particularly interesting, or pretty. It’s not as cheap as you think it is. Or as big. There is no good food, nowhere to get a coffee, and not really much to do. Except drink. And drink they do. And drink we did.

I had a great weekend with some of my oldest and bestest friends, but that had little to do with the city of Newcastle, and more to do with the group I was with. And I could have been with that group anywhere.

What Newcastle did provide us with, were many good locations to drink. I’m not sure the city is equipped for anything else. We went to a Spanish rave on Friday night, and a German beer festival last night. The beer festival was particularly brilliant. The brass band invaded the crowd at the end of their set, which was pretty special.

I needed to be with my boys this weekend. I wouldn’t have been in a good way if I’d stayed at home alone like I was tempted to. Instead I got to spend a weekend catching up with this marvellous group of people.

Until tomorrow, trust the process.


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