October 19th 2021

Today I don’t think I’ve ever needed vegetables so badly before. I think it’s basically true to say that I haven’t eaten anything that wasn’t either some form of fried or bread-based product since last Tuesday.

I’ve spent the last week eating pizza and kebabs and McDonald’s and Subway and kebabs and pizza and pasties and pastries and sandwiches and chicken wings and nachos and chips and chilli chips and bacon cheese chips.

It’s not been ideal, but most of that is because that’s all the food you can get in Newcastle, and I’m only kind of joking.

My skin is awful. The beer hasn’t helped. I’ve drank an ungodly amount in the last week, as well as eaten all that crap. And so today for dinner I literally (kinda) just had veg.

See, veg. I needed all of the veg. Every veg. Green. Red. Orange. All of the colours of the non-brown rainbow. So much greenery.

I planned to just make a vegetable stir fry but realised that adding chicken to it doesn’t take away any of the veg that’s already in it. So I had chicken too.

And water. So much water. So much necessary water.

Until tomorrow, I feel better now.


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