October 20th 2021

Today the detox is going well. I steadfastly refused to go with Michelle to Wagamamas. Wagamama? Wagas.

I’m detoxing from beer, restaurant food, and spending money.

I refused the first time she asked me. I refused the second time she asked me. And I refused the third time she asked me “wagas?”.

And then we went to Wagas anyway.

That is definitely the most times I’ve refused before caving. Usually I have one cursory refusal, before going anyway. But today I made it to two refusals! That is progress! See, the detox is going well.

In my defence, I am avoiding shitty, fried, bready restaurant food, and Wagas has vegetables and stuff. I had a duck donburi. It had cucumbers and everything. Those are vegetables. “Well actually…” Shut up, Neal.

It also has beer. Oopsie.

Until tomorrow, Michelle, you are an awful influence and I blame you entirely.


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