October 23rd 2021 Today I went to the cinema to watch James Bond with my Dad. I think the last time I went to the cinema was also to watch James Bond with my Dad. That must have been a while ago. The only time I ever go is when there’s something my dad wants to watch. No Time To Die was a perfect end to the Daniel Craig era. It was really good. It had all the heart, sincerity and backstory of the previous Craig films, while also returning to more traditional Bond-isms. It was also really, really brave. … Continue reading Bond


October 22nd 2021 Today I’ve had a Bleachers song in my head all day, so I’m just going to write the lyrics to it as my blog for the evening. Don’t expect me to type them out, though. I’m going to copy any paste this. —- Out of my head I’m beggin’ for skin to skinYou don’t say much ’cause you’ve been cheated before meI know you think I think I’m better than I amBut I’m not tryna wake up in some promise land I just want a secret lifeWhere you and I can get bored out of our mindsI … Continue reading Bleachers