October 25th 2021

Today we had a night in with Sirloin Steak and Parmesan & Truffle fries and I successfully avoided drinking any wine.

There was also a token salad, put there mostly to make the plate not look too brown.

Similarly, there was a token salad on the starter of ‘nibbles’:

I cooked the steak very well. Or should I say, I cooked the steak very rare, but I did a good job of doing so.

Cutting into a steak when the crust is nicely seared is like Schrodinger’s meat. The inside is simultaneously both inedible underdone and perfectly rare, but you never really know until you cut. You might be pretty sure that the timing is 3 mins one side 2.5 mins the other, but there’s still a chance you’ve ruined the night completely and are going to end up with a plate of truffle fries and a token salad for dinner.

Luckily, the steak was perfectly cooked.

Until tomorrow, good job, me.


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