October 30th 2021

Today I got some solid life advice from a precious old man.

I was on a date with my girlfriend in our favourite restaurant (The Tavern), and at the table next to us were three pensioners. We got up to leave at about the same time as they did, and the oldest guy stopped and looked at me. He held out his hand for me to shake, which I did, looked me in the eye, nodded to my girlfriend and said:

“Never stop chatting her up.”

He continued:

“A year ago today my wife died — that’s why we’re out for dinner today, to take my mind off it. We were married 62 years, and I never stopped chatting her up. So don’t you ever stop either!”

I promised him that I wouldn’t. And then I promised her too.

Mathematically he must have been at least 80 years old. Married for over 60 years. That’s diamond. That’s letter from the Queen level love. That’s life goals. That’s love goals. And the secret to that?

Never stop chatting her up.

Until tomorrow, I’ll do my best.


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