October 31st 2021

Today I came down with and recovered from some kind of weird sickness bug within the same 12 hour period.

I woke up with an aching, cramping pain in my stomach and a feeling like I was about to come on my period, which would have been a surprising turn of events as a 28 year old male.

And then I vomited a bit.

For about four hours I couldn’t stand up or sit down or lay still or eat or drink or do anything. I wasn’t in a good way.

I’m on antibiotics at the moment, and apparently you should either take them or not take them on an empty stomach. The packet says take them on an empty stomach but the doctor says to take them with food. I’ve been doing mostly the former because I am both a rule breaker and a rule follower, it’s just the rules are somewhat unclear.

So I’m thinking something about either taking the antibiotics with food or not taking them with food caused me to have some side effects. It wasn’t pleasant. I’d kind of appreciate if the doctor’s advice and the advice on the printed packed would line up, to be honest.

And so now I’m continuing to take the tablets because the doctor said I need to complete the course and so does the packet, so at least they agree on that.

Until tomorrow, it hurt.


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