November 30th 2021 Today I’d like to thank the three people who sent me messages explaining the new covid rules after my call for help in last nights blog. If I’d known that this blog had that kind of power I’d’ve started abusing it years ago. Please will you now send me money, or something to make for dinner. I’m not poor, I’m just too lazy and sad to make dinner. Oh wait it’s now 11pm. Where were you?? I ate cupcakes for dinner. That’s tragic. Or brilliant. Not sure. Anyway. Special mention to my sister for also sending me … Continue reading Messages


November 29th 2021 Today it seems possible that I’ve missed something. I’m not sure entirely what I’ve missed, but everyone in tesco was wearing masks again today, and the bread aisle was ransacked. I had to commit a modern day sin and buy bagels without sesame seeds! Shock! Horror! So, like, are we back to March 2020 again? Oh god for a second then I wondered “wait was it 2020 or was it 2019?” I kinda thought we were over the whole “Covid-19” thing but apparently we’re back to masks and panic buying. I mean, I say that, but for … Continue reading Mandate


November 28th 2021 Today I was not a contributing member of society. I did nothing to further the community. I did not put my efforts towards social, creative, or philanthropic measures. Instead, I watched the entirety of Squid Game and froze my balls off. Yes I put my heating on. But it was still cold as hell. That phrase doesn’t make a great deal of sense. I’m relatively sure I didn’t even leave the flat. One moment… No, I didn’t. Until tomorrow, night. Jacn Continue reading Contributing


November 27th 2021 Today my new coffee machine arrived. I bought it yesterday (yes apparently i’m the type of person to buy something on Black Friday) to replace my old coffee machine which has been broken for the last couple weeks. It’s an espresso machine and the coffee extracted from the portafilter has been dribbling out and resulting in really bitter tasting coffee with no crema. So I bought a new one. It didn’t arrive until like 3pm today though, which meant I needed to make my morning and lunchtime coffees with my old machine. And guess what? It worked … Continue reading Extraction


November 25th 2021 Today is one for the diary. The physical one. The one that I do in pen instead of type. When I wrote today’s entry in pen, I realised I haven’t written in it for nine months. That’s a long time. I guess I’ve just been avoiding it. I used to write that one every day as well. I’d write something make believe in this diary and write something real in that one. I guess I’m kinda doing the same thing tonight. It’s the only real outlet I have. Until tomorrow, I feel like I want to talk … Continue reading Outlet


November 24th 2021 Today I think I’m doing okay but it’s often hard to tell. I’m focusing on work again as a distraction mechanism, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. For a while I was pretty checked out of work, mentally, but I’m into it again now. I’m making lists and I’m making progress and I feel like I’m making a difference again. We’ll see how long that lasts. It’s also potentially a bad thing because it means that mostly I’m just ignoring any actual feelings. But by now you’ve learnt that that’s just what we … Continue reading Often


November 23rd 2021 Today I started reading a book on page 669. My girlfriend is listening to the audiobook version of The Hound of the Baskervilles, and she recommended that I read it. Luckily I already have the book. It’s midway through my copy of the Entire Sherlock Holmes collection that my Nan bought me for Christmas in 2014. I know that it was Christmas 2014 because when I opened the book I found this note: That note made me happy. And also kinda sad. Nan died in 2016, so it was both a beautiful and sad thing to have … Continue reading Baskervilles


November 22nd 2021 Today I’m annoyed because I realised that all of the video clips I took of Sophia’s baptism yesterday have messed up audio. I joked in last night’s blog that for the video I’m making I was going to mute all of the clips from the church because she was crying, but now that has actually accidentally happened. I think I was trying to be too clever by messing around with the high-pass filter settings on the Rode mic I’d plugged into the camera, and now I’ve lost basically all of the audio. There are, however, essentially only … Continue reading Audio


November 21st 2021 Today was my niece Sophia’s 2nd birthday party/baptism. Baptism: 2nd birthday: You can tell it’s her 2nd birthday because of the big 2 in the background. She loved the birthday party. She wasn’t too fond of the baptism. Though to be fair to her if some bloke in a dress tried to dip me in olive oil I’d probably cry too. Unless he then dipped me in balsamic vinegar, then I’d start to understand. That’s probably sacrilegious, isn’t it? Her father (my brother-in-law)’s family are Greek Orthodox, so you’d have to ask them what the olive oil … Continue reading Baptism