November 2nd 2021

Today we got locked inside of a pub because outside the pub armed police were raiding an abandoned delivery van.

I am almost 100% sure that this happened, because towards the beginning of it happening I was pretty drunk. We’d been out for some forced fun/team bonding which turned out to be actually quite fun, for the most part, until the armed police arrived.

It kinda kills the vibe when the armed police arrive. Ross at one point left the pub to see what was going on and got dooked in the neck by one of the armed police and politely encouraged to remain inside the pub. And so we did.

Admittedly they could have chosen worse places to lock us in. Work, for example. Eyyyy.

And so for a couple hours we played pool and listened to the Guy Who Inexplicably Has A Guitar During A Lock-in play his guitar during a lock-in, and then I paid an unacceptable amount of money to get a taxi home.

Until tomorrow, that was a weird night.


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