November 6th 2021 Today I realised that the graph isn’t a bell curve, it’s a sine wave. It goes up and down and up and down and repeats forever. It’s infinite. Within blocks, it seems like things are changing, but zoom out and it starts again and again. Up and down. Round and round. Today we’re down at the trough of the wave. Yesterday we were at like -0.75. Today is -1. But from here it climbs back up. Maybe. Probably. It usually does. Until tomorrow, I just don’t know if I want it to. James Continue reading Sine


November 5th 2021 Today I started with 1 Frog and ended up with 2 Pigs. It turns out one Frog can beat 2 Pigs in a fight. Who knew? I didn’t know. I’d been to the Two Pigs before (the Two Pigs is a pub btw), but it was better than it was tonight. All night I was promised that Two Pigs would be better than The Frog (and Fiddle) (parentheses not included) and then it just really wasn’t. For the most part. Basically, don’t listen to Harry when he’s drunk. Also don’t listen to Harry when he’s sober. Just … Continue reading Pigs