November 7th 2021

Today mum, dad and I went out for a roast dinner. We went to number two on the list I’ve been given of ‘best roasts in Cheltenham’ and it delivered.

It was the Gloucester Old Spot. Confusingly named for a pub in Cheltenham, but they had themselves together on the food front, if not on the naming front. That said it’s probably not even in Cheltenham.


It was a really good roast. Mum called it the second best roast she’d had in as long as she can remember. Here:

There were vegetables, I just added them after taking the photo. The bits in the photo are the important bits, anyway.

That beef was crazy good. The roasties are hidden behind the Yorkshire, but they were as good as they looked too, believe me.

I had a really good time. Usually when I see my parents I drive back to Swindon and mum cooks, but in future I vote for the “you drive to Cheltenham and let’s go out for a lovely roast” method from now on.

Until tomorrow, it’s my treat next time too.


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