November 14th 2021 Today I’m mostly just tired. I’ve spent my day avoiding having a nap because I’m looking forward to a full night sleep tonight. I’m really looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and not feeling like I had too much to drink the night before. Christ I’m old. I’ve never been particularly rock and roll, but I swear I used to cope better than this. At Uni I’d drink five nights out of seven and feel fine. Look how far I’ve fallen. I’m sorry that this blog is boring but that is my life. Until tomorrow, or, … Continue reading Cope


November 13th 2021 Today I had a birthday night in with Kirstyn and Freddie and Steve. Apparently Freddie comes before Steve in the list now even though Freddie is a dog. Sorry Steve. But look at his little face. You know how it is. This was a birthday night in for me. My birthday was in September but this was the first available night. We had Siam Thai and also I won two rounds of the Logo Game. Until tomorrow, happy birthday. Jacn Continue reading Siam