November 18th 2021

Today I almost disgraced myself in front of an electrician.

See, my bedroom light has been broken for a few weeks. Yes I know how to replace a lightbulb. So I did that, and the light still didn’t work. So I thought maybe it was something to do with the fuse something. Wire something. So I got my letting agent to send out an electrician.

When I checked my calendar this morning and saw he was coming today I thought “I’m going to feel like a bellend if he gets here and realises all he needs to do is change the lightbulb” So I gave it one more go.

And now, I did do it. I did originally change the lightbulb. The problem is that, as it turns out…

I changed it to a bulb which was also broken. The filament was busted. I don’t know why there was a broken one in the packet. (It’s because I put it back there last time I changed a lightbulb)

So the good news is that I fixed my light. The bad news is the electrician got almost all the way here before I called him and said I didn’t need him anymore. The good news is that I didn’t have to look him in the eye as he asked me if I really called an electrician to change a lightbulb for me.

Until tomorrow, close call.


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