November 20th 2021 Today I did two uncharacteristic things. First, I wrote a to-do list, and second, I completed it. I had a heap of things that I needed to sort out today in preparation for my niece’s baptism tomorrow. The list looked like this: To explain: ‘Tyres’ means check the pressure in my tyres. I’m driving me (obviously), my grandparents (though potentially only one), and my cousin to London for it and having air in my tyres seemed a good idea. ‘Present/card’ means ‘buy Sophia a present/card’. That one is kinda self explanatory. Sophia, if you’re reading this, look … Continue reading Ticked


November 19th 2021 Today the test came back negative. Which is good. That would have put a spanner in the works. Lateral flow test, that is. A guy at work has covid and half the office has been pinged on the app. No one else has had a positive test though, and nor did I. I’m taking my grandparents to London on Sunday for my Niece’s baptism, so I’d rather not have had a positive test. Thankfully, it was negative. I went to tesco to get some tests and the pharmacy lady asked how many I wanted, and I said … Continue reading Pinged