November 20th 2021

Today I did two uncharacteristic things. First, I wrote a to-do list, and second, I completed it.

I had a heap of things that I needed to sort out today in preparation for my niece’s baptism tomorrow. The list looked like this:

To explain:

‘Tyres’ means check the pressure in my tyres. I’m driving me (obviously), my grandparents (though potentially only one), and my cousin to London for it and having air in my tyres seemed a good idea.

‘Present/card’ means ‘buy Sophia a present/card’. That one is kinda self explanatory. Sophia, if you’re reading this, look away, because I’m about to spoil your birthday present. Also, if you’re reading this then fair play I’m impressed. You’re two. It bodes well that I got you some books.

‘Memory card’ and ‘camera’ were to charge, format, and figure out how to use the video camera I’ve borrowed, as Genine wants me to make a short video of the day. I think I figured it out, so I gave it a tick.

‘Suit’ is to make sure the clothes I’m wearing tomorrow were clean. Honestly if they weren’t then I’m not sure I would have done about it, but thankfully they were. I’m reusing that wedding outfit. You remember it.

‘Troodi training’ is the homework for this training course Ive been doing. I need to have done it by Monday, which meant that I had to do it today. It was about conflict management and resolution. Shut up.

‘Frame’ is nothing to do with the baptism, but I finally got around to hanging up the artwork that I bought 6 months ago. And then this happened:

If you look closely you can see that the artwork is no longer on the wall. So that went well. Maybe I shouldn’t have ticked that one.

Until tomorrow, I saw Jim, Brad. Zoe and Albie.


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