November 21st 2021

Today was my niece Sophia’s 2nd birthday party/baptism.


2nd birthday:

You can tell it’s her 2nd birthday because of the big 2 in the background.

She loved the birthday party. She wasn’t too fond of the baptism. Though to be fair to her if some bloke in a dress tried to dip me in olive oil I’d probably cry too. Unless he then dipped me in balsamic vinegar, then I’d start to understand. That’s probably sacrilegious, isn’t it?

Her father (my brother-in-law)’s family are Greek Orthodox, so you’d have to ask them what the olive oil is for. I probably should have asked.

After the service was the party. There was a beautiful ball pit/play area for the toddlers/babies, and a beautiful grazing table/bar for the adults/grown people. I have pictures of neither of those things, but someone will.

I was on video duty. I’m going to edit together a video of the day, but I’ll probably mute the clips from the church.

Until tomorrow, love you Sophia.

Uncle James

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