November 22nd 2021

Today I’m annoyed because I realised that all of the video clips I took of Sophia’s baptism yesterday have messed up audio.

I joked in last night’s blog that for the video I’m making I was going to mute all of the clips from the church because she was crying, but now that has actually accidentally happened.

I think I was trying to be too clever by messing around with the high-pass filter settings on the Rode mic I’d plugged into the camera, and now I’ve lost basically all of the audio.

There are, however, essentially only two audio clips that I wanted to use.

1) I got a really good shot of Antoni, the godfather, reading out his statement of affirmation (which is a phrase I’ve made up), and I would’ve liked to have had the audio from that.

2) Louis, the father, gave a speech at the birthday-party-part and then we all sang happy birthday. I have an iPhone video of that that I could strip the audio from.

I also wanted some *inaudible chatter* from the church which I may have to fabricate.

I did get some really good shots of the day, and I think I can still put together a good video of it, I’ll just have to sing over the top of it.

Until tomorrow, I’m not going to do that dont worry.


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