November 27th 2021

Today my new coffee machine arrived. I bought it yesterday (yes apparently i’m the type of person to buy something on Black Friday) to replace my old coffee machine which has been broken for the last couple weeks.

It’s an espresso machine and the coffee extracted from the portafilter has been dribbling out and resulting in really bitter tasting coffee with no crema.

So I bought a new one. It didn’t arrive until like 3pm today though, which meant I needed to make my morning and lunchtime coffees with my old machine. And guess what? It worked again. Classic. It’s like it suddenly had a revival because it knew it was being replaced.

Even more annoyingly… my new machine came with an FAQ card on how to fix certain issues with the extraction. Turns out my old coffee machine isn’t broken, it just wasn’t extracting properly because I’d ground the coffee beans too coarsely.

Apparently that can cause a bad extraction, and lead to the loud, crunching noises my machine was making. And, thinking about it, the reason my machine worked this morning is because I’d opened a new packet of beans, and ground them fresh — probably not too coarsely this time.

Oh well. I’m not too annoyed, because I’m really happy with the new machine I bought. It looks better, will last longer, and makes a better coffee. I just kind of didn’t need to buy it.

And yes, I know it makes a better coffee because I was dying to try it out after I’d set it up, so I made a coffee after dinner, which is why I’m still awake at 2:30 in the morning.

Until tomorrow, does anyone want a free espresso machine?


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