November 30th 2021 Today I’d like to thank the three people who sent me messages explaining the new covid rules after my call for help in last nights blog. If I’d known that this blog had that kind of power I’d’ve started abusing it years ago. Please will you now send me money, or something to make for dinner. I’m not poor, I’m just too lazy and sad to make dinner. Oh wait it’s now 11pm. Where were you?? I ate cupcakes for dinner. That’s tragic. Or brilliant. Not sure. Anyway. Special mention to my sister for also sending me … Continue reading Messages


November 29th 2021 Today it seems possible that I’ve missed something. I’m not sure entirely what I’ve missed, but everyone in tesco was wearing masks again today, and the bread aisle was ransacked. I had to commit a modern day sin and buy bagels without sesame seeds! Shock! Horror! So, like, are we back to March 2020 again? Oh god for a second then I wondered “wait was it 2020 or was it 2019?” I kinda thought we were over the whole “Covid-19” thing but apparently we’re back to masks and panic buying. I mean, I say that, but for … Continue reading Mandate