November 29th 2021

Today it seems possible that I’ve missed something. I’m not sure entirely what I’ve missed, but everyone in tesco was wearing masks again today, and the bread aisle was ransacked. I had to commit a modern day sin and buy bagels without sesame seeds!

Shock! Horror!

So, like, are we back to March 2020 again? Oh god for a second then I wondered “wait was it 2020 or was it 2019?”

I kinda thought we were over the whole “Covid-19” thing but apparently we’re back to masks and panic buying. I mean, I say that, but for the past 18 months I’ve barely known anyone who has caught covid, but in the last week my (other) best friend, my parents, and two people from work have caught it. So if anything it seems more directly prevalent (to me, at least), than it ever has done.

So I guess the masks make sense, but my question remains… have I missed something?

Do we have to wear masks again now? Because a solid 80% of the customers in tesco were, and being in the minority peaked my anxiety. I felt judged. Watched. Naked.

Like, I’ll wear one again if I have to — mostly just to avoid the aforementioned judgement — but should I have been told that I need to again by someone? Is it on the news?

Can the grownups who are reading this please text me with what the rules are now please. I did just flick onto BBC news to see if I’ve missed anything, but I saw some headlines, felt instantly depressed, and went to look at pictures of dogs on Instagram instead. Which I guess explains why I’m oblivious to the new mask mandate (?) I guess.

Until tomorrow, answers on a postcard.


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