December 30th 2021 Today I played golf in the rain then stopped off at a farm shop to buy a steak. I did not buy a steak, but I did buy lunch: It was from the Tavern burger van at Dunkerton Cider shop, and it was possibly the second best burger I’ve ever had. First place being Fergburger in Queenstown, New Zealand. I decided to treat myself. That’s why I was trying to find steak. I was also trying to find beer, but it dawned on me that I was at a Cider shop. It’s a vibe there, though. It’s … Continue reading Dunkertons


December 29th 2021 Today worked on my mindfulness. Since I got an Apple Watch for Christmas it’s kept buzzing at me to remind me of many things. It tells me to stand up once an hour, to burn calories, and to breathe. You can set a daily mindfulness goal, where it guides you through a minute-long breathing routine, so I’ve been doing that every day. Just lying on the floor and breathing. It sounds quite wanky, but it’s quite nice. Aside from that, I spent the morning cleaning the flat. I tidied my wardrobe, threw away clothes I don’t need … Continue reading Mindfulness


December 28th 2021 Today I had Christmas dinner for the fourth consecutive day. Some might say that is too many days of consecutive Christmas dinners, and to them I say: I’m having it tomorrow too. So that’ll be 5, if you’re counting. I also watched “Don’t Look Up” on Netflix, which is the film you’d get if you gave Seth Rogen £100m and asked him to remake This Is The End. And he’d make almost exactly the same film except instead of James Franco and Jonah Hill he’d cast Leonardo DiCaprio and… well, Jonah Hill. I really enjoyed it. I … Continue reading Satire


December 27th 2021 Today was “Boxing Day”. It was our pretend Boxing Day because Boxing Day couldn’t happen. We still made it work. Just about. There were varying degrees of drama. Some my fault. Some not. But in the end, all in all, everyone seemed to have a good time. There were two dogs for the first time ever. Potentially two children for the first time ever? Yes mum, I’ll send you all the photos I took. Including this one: Secret Santa was a nice addition. We should have been doing that for years. I did three LFTs. They were … Continue reading Pretend


December 26th 2021 Today was the most relaxed Boxing Day we’ve had in a long time. (Last year doesn’t count) A covid case meant we rescheduled our ‘boxing day’ get together down my grandmas to tomorrow. So instead, we went for a nice chilled dog walk, ate some leftovers, and watched two Christmas films Love Actually, Four Christmases) . It was nice. Also nice to have a break and recharge before tomorrow. That said, I am starting to feel a bit ill. I did a lateral flow test, and that was negative, so hopefully I’m just feeling rundown from all … Continue reading Rescheduled


December 25th 2021 Today is Christmas Day. What do you mean you forgot? Where were you? I’m glad that after a difficult, shitty year, I got to spend it with (most of) the people I love most in the world. I’m at my mum and dad’s. Kirstyn, Steven and Freddie (dog) unexpectedly came over for breakfast. Well, brunch. And then they left and I had a nap before my grandparents arrived. Napping was a key part of my day. I had three in total. My grandparents arrived and we had a delicious lovingly cooked Christmas dinner. And then I had … Continue reading Navidad


December 24th 2021 Today I’m glad that I went out for NYE drinks. No, mum, Nye isn’t a scrabble word, no matter how many times you try to play it. Wait fuck, it isn’t NYE, it’s Christmas Eve. Okay, forget literally everything I just said. We went for Christmas Eve drinks at the blunny. We were supposed to be there for two hours, but were instead there for maybe eight. Oi oi! I’m glad that I went, because I debated not, but I’m also glad that I came home when I did. And now, I sleep. Earlier than I did … Continue reading Nye


December 23rd 2021 Today I had to drive home early. I just needed to be around people. I needed to be with my family. I’ve been trying really hard not to be around anyone, because I don’t want to be a drain on anybody, but eventually that became unsustainable. I went into town this afternoon and had a mild panic attack in a H&M because of the number of people, plus the coat/mask/glasses/headphones I was wearing made me feel claustrophobic. So I went for dinner by myself. That’s not a thing I do. I always feel like an absolute chump … Continue reading Claustrophobic


December 22nd 2021 Today the WordPress thingy is telling me that I’m on a 12-day streak. My definition of the streak is slightly different, as I classify a post to have been written on a day as long as it was before I went to sleep. So even though it’s 2am on the 23rd right now, this post is still for the 22nd. So even though ‘my streak’ now spans almost seven years back to January 1st 2015, the WordPress streak is at 12 days. What that means, though, is that for 12 days in a row I’ve written the … Continue reading Spans


December 21st 2021 Today I did none of the stuff that I’d planned to do. I also hadn’t planned to end up in Moo Moos last night, which was the precursor to not doing any of the stuff I’d planned to do today. I was supposed to go into town and start/finish my Christmas shopping. I wanted to be in town by 9am so as to avoid the crowds. I was absolutely still in bed at 9am. Though there were no crowds. A combination of the hangover, seasonal affective disorder, and just regular old depression meant all I really wanted … Continue reading Precursor