December 1st 2021

Today I went on a speed awareness course and it was actually not awful.

I’ve heard stories of people going on these courses and being explained to in detail what a horrible person they are and shown traumatic videos of children in road traffic accidents, and, well, it wasn’t anything like that.

It was basically just a refresher of the Highway Code. Which is kinda annoying, because it turns out I kinda already knew everything. Somehow I remembered the “there are no signs, but there are street lights” system for working out the speed limits on one of the tests the instructor helped us do.

Although, clearly I can’t have known it that well if I was at the speed awareness course in the first place.

It was like 6 weeks ago that I had my “alleged offence” (that’s how he kept referring to it so I shall too), and was marked as going 45 on the M32 into Bristol.

Yes, motorways are 70mph zones, but this average speed check zone is 40. For some reason.

I also remembered “dual carriageway with central reservation” means National speed limit.

I can’t remember, though, if I just remember those phrases from my theory test, or from my dad saying them to me. I’m going to say my dad, for the sentiment of it.

So the course was harmless. Sure, I had to take the morning off work and it cost me 100 bucks, but it was kinda fine. The instructors internet died for like 20 minutes at one point which was awkward, but it meant he skipped a section.

Until tomorrow, don’t speed, kids.


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