December 3rd 2021 Today I’ve been desperately trying to find the best use of the 6 days of annual leave I have which have to be used by the end of the year. The best use of them would have been to have taken them at some point earlier in the year, because really now I’m just going to waste them. I actually have 16 to use before the end of December. I can carry 7 over into next year, and I’ve booked the Christmas Gooch off, so which took me down to 6 days remaining. I looked up some … Continue reading Waste


December 2nd 2021 Today I ate some veg again. It’s been a while. I have had an unhealthy week or so. I’ve completely lost any desire to cook, so instead I’ve kinda just eaten. I have lived off bagels, cupcakes, and the four Roman pasta dishes. And, it seems, that ancient Romans were not fond of vegetables in their pasta. There are no peppers in cacio e pep. No onions in Aglio e Olio. No carrot in carbonara. it’s mostly just cheese, oil, and butter. And so I have been unhealthy. I’ve not drunk enough water, or left the flat … Continue reading Carrots