December 3rd 2021

Today I’ve been desperately trying to find the best use of the 6 days of annual leave I have which have to be used by the end of the year.

The best use of them would have been to have taken them at some point earlier in the year, because really now I’m just going to waste them.

I actually have 16 to use before the end of December. I can carry 7 over into next year, and I’ve booked the Christmas Gooch off, so which took me down to 6 days remaining.

I looked up some Ryanair flights for the week before Christmas, to see if I could get any cheap deals — and I could!! I could get to Bratislava or Vilnius for a fiver. And in any normal year I’d probably just go to one or both. But this year I’m kind of anxious about travelling and flights and Covid and getting stuck somewhere. Having to self isolate in a hotel over Christmas doesn’t seem ideal.

So instead I thought maybe I’d just go to London and bed hop at some friend’s places for a week or so. There’ll be lots going on in London the week before Christmas, so at least it’d be a better use of my annual leave than just sitting around my flat for a week.

I’m not sure what I’ll do. Knowing me, I’ll ignore the problem for long enough and end up losing the 6 days.

Until tomorrow, Vilnius it is.


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