December 4th 2021

Today I was dragged around a ten mile run across the countryside. By dragged, I don’t mean it metaphorically as in it was not by my own will, I mean it literally as I was holding the lead of a terrier who is better equipped both in evolution and attitude to deal with sloppy mud giving way underfoot.

To Bear Bear, it was her playground. Us humans, in our bipedal ways, found it difficult to navigate the boggy forest without losing a shoe or a hamstring. Bear and Stella, in their quadrupedal ways, didn’t.

We ran out from Michelle’s for five miles until we got to a beautiful lake, hidden in a valley somewhere near Chalford.

We saw horses and sheep and deer and crows and dogs chasing after horses and sheep and deer and crows.

We even saw the round house that my grandad used to live in!

It was a very idyllic countryside jaunt, and the furthest I’ve run in a long time. And the longest I’ve run too. We were out for three hours, and it was a blast.

Until tomorrow, my legs hurt.


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