December 7th 2021

Today we cheated on Settebello with its next door neighbour.

Greek On The Docks is a restaurant that has always looked nice, mostly due to its location, but one bad dining experience there four years ago has meant we’ve never been back. Today though, we did.

I thought that we ordered perhaps the most obvious set of food possible: starters of halloumi, dolmades, and hummus, and main of souvlaki and kleftiko. I thought that until I walked to the bathroom and saw a table of five where every single one of them was eating a moussaka. Do better.

It was good food though. It didn’t deserve four years of shunning. Quiet though. Perhaps that’s more to do with it being a Tuesday night than anything to do with the food. But we ordered starters with our drinks and the starters came before the drinks did, so I felt both rushed and uneasy about the rapidity (not a word) at which the starters were cooked.

Also it was very traditional Greek service in that I felt like I’d offended our waiter and his whole family by not finishing the entirety of my kleftiko. It was a lot, okay!

Until tomorrow, yamas.


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