December 9th 2021 Today was a day for rest. For naps. For ordering milkshakes to be delivered ASAP. For driving really really slowly. For love and support and for a cuddle. For three trips to Tesco because my brain didn’t work far enough in advance to think about dinner when it’s breakfast time. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams. Jacn Continue reading For


December 8th 2021 Today for our Christmas night out we ate at turtle bay and then kind of bar crawled. We went to two of the four places I had planned, plus two others. And that’s all it needed. There were many bar games involved. We played Bar Billiards, the rules for which we had to get the locals to explain to us, and then we played darts, and I fucked up by choosing a 501 score for a game of 12 of us, and then we played pool pool. As in, pool. No one won the darts. Which is … Continue reading Darts