December 12th 2021

Today I finished editing the video from my niece’s baptism. I’m actually crazy proud of how it turned out. I think that on the day I got some really beautiful shots, and I was able to put them together nicely in the edit.

Until this morning I’d done the full, functional edit of all the clips — their ordering, and such — but I still needed to add music and colour correction. That was today’s task.

Honestly, that was the hardest bit: finding a song which fit both the devout/pious/divine vibe of the baptism itself, and the joyous/playful/celebratory vibe of the birthday party.

I think I nailed the song choice though. In the end I went for Lullaby by The Dixie Chicks. Though in Googling it I learnt that they’re now just called The Chicks. Good to know.

Anyway, because of the amount of times I’ve watched the video today in finalising the edit, I must have heard that song about 100 times. So now I hate it. Because I can’t stop singing it.

Here’s the video:

I started with some nice, pretty establishing shots of the chapel(?), and footage of the crowd filtering in, and when A Dixie Chick says “Life Began When I Saw Your Face”, we see Sophia for the first time.

If you remember — because you were there or you remember me writing about it at the time — Sophia cried and screamed throughout most of the baptism, so I’ve cut together the parts where she isn’t crying. I tried to include as much of the religious parts as I could, because I figured that would be important to Louis and his family.

There’s one really nicely framed shot of Sophia with her mum, dad, Godmum, and Goddad, which I was quite proud of.

And there’s also this close-up of Sophia after the ceremony where she looks kinda confused, slightly overawed, quite inquisitive and completely adorable:

When the footage from the party starts, I show off the photo wall my Dad put together, and the grazing table my sister did, but really the second part is just about watching Sophia being cute and happy in a soft play area that, literally, has her name on it.

The video ends with (muted) footage of Genine and Louis singing happy birthday, while a Dixie Chick signs “You hear my voice like a serenade”. I thought that was a nice touch.

I thought it would be nice to premiere the video to my family on a Zoom call this evening, so they could (almost) all watch it for the first time together. I was crazy proud seeing my sister smile like that at something I’d made— although, in reality, she was probably mostly smiling at the thing that she made.

I’m glad everyone liked it. I’m glad I could make something to remember a special day by. And I quite enjoyed making it. I just wish I could stop singing that song in my head.

Until tomorrow, how long do you want to be loved?


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