December 14th 2021

Today I got into bed at an attempt at an acceptable hour, with the intention of reading a chapter of A Study in Scarlet for 20 minutes, and then trying to reset my sleep schedule with a greater than average 10 hours of sleep.

Instead, I flicked mindlessly through the internet for 3 hours and now it’s 1am, and I’ll only get 7 hours of sleep.

And this has happened for the past three nights. 7 hours might sound like a reasonable amount, but it’s more the timing of it. I want to stop waking up when my alarm goes off at 8am.

If I wake up when my alarm goes off, I feel groggy and disturbed and unprepared for the day. If I wake up naturally I have more energy and willpower. It’s why I sleep with my curtains open. The natural morning light encourages me to wake up earlier, which sets me up for the day better.

But now it’s dark out. It’s winter. There isn’t natural morning light. So that’s not happening. Instead, I’m waking up when my alarm goes off because I’m going to sleep too late. And I’m trying to reset that cycle, but I don’t seem to be able to.

Until tomorrow, night.


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