December 21st 2021

Today I did none of the stuff that I’d planned to do. I also hadn’t planned to end up in Moo Moos last night, which was the precursor to not doing any of the stuff I’d planned to do today.

I was supposed to go into town and start/finish my Christmas shopping. I wanted to be in town by 9am so as to avoid the crowds. I was absolutely still in bed at 9am. Though there were no crowds.

A combination of the hangover, seasonal affective disorder, and just regular old depression meant all I really wanted to do today was stay in bed and watch Parks and Rec. Man, I am obsessed with that show atm.

I definitely have to go to town tomorrow now. But I also need to stay in and wait for a parcel to be delivered. I’m hoping the latter does not restrict the former, else the people for whom I still need to buy presents are not going to get any.

Until tomorrow, sorry, Grandma.


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