December 22nd 2021

Today the WordPress thingy is telling me that I’m on a 12-day streak. My definition of the streak is slightly different, as I classify a post to have been written on a day as long as it was before I went to sleep. So even though it’s 2am on the 23rd right now, this post is still for the 22nd.

So even though ‘my streak’ now spans almost seven years back to January 1st 2015, the WordPress streak is at 12 days. What that means, though, is that for 12 days in a row I’ve written the blog past midnight.

And what that means is I’m not sleeping very well. I’m going to bed very late, waking up at kind of whenever, and then not doing much in between. At some point I need to reset my cycle, but that is not today.

Being off work has made that worse. At least when I was working I had a reason to wake up at a proper time. Being off for Christmas has meant I have no real need to go to sleep before 2. And so here I am. Tired.

Until tomorrow, difuid sheik and judg cuisine ksisifb Jude a kiwis jalap.


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